the journey

orange blush (2)At the beginning of the year I wrote I was starting on a two year journey.  This year’s journey did not go exactly as planned as I had to take several months off from painting to pack up and move from Texas to North Carolina.Then I opened up my etsy shop ( and that took longer than planned. Thus I painted a lot less than I thought  I would. From the times I did paint I realized it takes longer to learn your art than two years, it is a lifetime thing if you want to get better, and know your art and know yourself. There is always something to learn from each painting.  At the moment I am somewhat blocked. Am reading  Julia Cameron’s book  The Artist’s Way.  Would recommend it to anyone who wants to add more creativity to their lives, no matter what form. From just the little bit I ‘ve read I know where my block is coming from.  It is because I am trying to paint what I think others will like and things I think will sell on Etsy. That is so not creativity.  You have to paint from your heart, paint things you love or are excited about.  The painting to the left is a painting  I did from pure joy.  Others may not  like it but whenever I see it, I still feel the joy I felt while painting it.  I will be posting other paintings that were painted just for the joy of creating and not from forcing out a painting . 


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