sunrise (2)One Spring morning while I was still living in Texas I was up early and saw an incredible sunrise.( One thing I miss living in these here mountains.)  There were golds, oranges, blues, and rose bursting thru the sky. I love the early morning, there is such peace and stillness , but at the same time I am on bated breath knowing great adventures are ahead for the new day. Anyway since florals are how I mostly express myself, the floral you see here is the result, and of course it is named Sunrise. I added the red for a bit more punch of color. I encourage everyone to put down a flow of colors even if it is with crayons when a moment of nature touches you. Don’t try to make it look like something, just let the colors express themselves how they want. You could also express yourself with real bouquets of flowers, or sew pieces of quilting together or  just write “Hello World” with any art medium and pin it to your refrigerator. This  will give you joy because you have captured the feeling those colors gave you deep into your soul. I am all about capturing the moment now, because to much of my past was filled with unreflected  time. Thus to many moments have been lost to me that could of made me more at peace with myself. I wish you all moments of reflection.

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