Peek-a-boo blue

As I wrote last time I was going to post for awhile those paintings where I just painted for the joy of it.  This is another one of those joyful paintings (Peek-a-boo blue).  Had great fun blending the peek a boo blue (6)colors together and then seeing patterns within.  With the blue background it makes the painting exciting and I think you can feel the joy in it.  In this new year I want to strive to get that joy back. I am excited to see what unfolds in this new year with my art, no matter what I know there will be lessons of some kind and hopefully growth. Also want to say when you see an artist’s work realize that it  is a piece of their heart , a piece of their life, and to expose that for others to see is very scary. For most likely that inner artist child has been admonished many times for being “outside the lines”. I would also recommend you to be “outside the lines”.  It may be scary but it is also a ton of fun!

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