Creative Fun

red nature (2)I know I tend to write short blogs.  I have a short attention span and I am not able to keep my concentration on one subject for very long.  I’m thinking there may be more people like me out there so I keep it short for all of us.  Again this is another painting I did for the joy of painting.  Wanted to explore a painting that was full of warm colors.  I like that there is a lot of movement within the painting, too.  Hope seeing it makes you smile.  I am a bit frustrated as I am still in my creative slump.  I did some painting on Tuesday, it was just some quick studies and I know I was only able to do them because of my artist dates.  Artist dates are for everyone because all of us are CREATIVE and we need to fill up that part of our selves.  Artist dates are with your inner creative self and they are for playing and having fun. They can be anything from something as simple as going to the dollar store or something big like going to a concert.  Give yourself an hour a week to play, but don’t bring anyone else along, it is just for you to connect with the CREATIVE ENERGY within yourself. So please this next week go have FUN!!!!  Before long you will feel different about yourself and the world in positive ways.

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