Did give away a painting

I went one day longer with my give-floating irises6 away and someone won. Her name is Denise and since I could not find the original painting I posted. (The one in the upper left.)   I had  her choose one I had that was very similar to the one I couldn’t find.  It is the picture shown below. She seems very excited about it and I will be anxious to see how she likes it in person.  I have had so many people tell me, wow this looks so much better than the picture.  Think many artist have this same reaction.  Maybe it is because until you see the painting in person you can’t feel the emotion, the energy, that went into the painting.  Anyway congratulations Denise.

waving irises5 (2)

floating irises6since no one posted they wanted this painting I will not be giving it away.  I will have to try something new.  I am recovering from no one liking this painting.  A big hit to my self-esteem, so it will take some time before I put out a painting again.  At least I learned somewhat people don’t like so that helps.  Keep your eye out for another give-a-way as I am not sure when I will be having one again.  Any comments about this painting would be welcomed as to why you did not like it, don’t be afraid of hurting my feelings, cause obviously I did something wrong with this painting for no one to like it and I need to learn exactly what that is.  To all my artist friends have a great week of painting and to all my other friends hope your week is awesome, too.


sunrise (2)One Spring morning while I was still living in Texas I was up early and saw an incredible sunrise.( One thing I miss living in these here mountains.)  There were golds, oranges, blues, and rose bursting thru the sky. I love the early morning, there is such peace and stillness , but at the same time I am on bated breath knowing great adventures are ahead for the new day. Anyway since florals are how I mostly express myself, the floral you see here is the result, and of course it is named Sunrise. I added the red for a bit more punch of color. I encourage everyone to put down a flow of colors even if it is with crayons when a moment of nature touches you. Don’t try to make it look like something, just let the colors express themselves how they want. You could also express yourself with real bouquets of flowers, or sew pieces of quilting together or  just write “Hello World” with any art medium and pin it to your refrigerator. This  will give you joy because you have captured the feeling those colors gave you deep into your soul. I am all about capturing the moment now, because to much of my past was filled with unreflected  time. Thus to many moments have been lost to me that could of made me more at peace with myself. I wish you all moments of reflection.

redo on painting

folk art or cottage chic painting of flowers with purple tulip

folk art or cottage chic painting of flowers with purple tulip

I decided the painting I posted before needed a bit of a touch up.  I add decoration to the bottom and accented the leaves and flowers.  I’m not sure if it improved the painting or not.  What do you think?  I have realized when you take a photo and capture it on the computer it shows where you need to adjust the painting.  Now I take the photo of the painting and examine it before I call it finished.

my folk art florals

happiness one

happiness one

I wanted to do a simple painting of a vase full of flowers. This painting was the result and the beginning of my journey. It is the kick off of a series of paintings that will follow later. When I finished the paintings I thought they had a flavor of folk art .  A style I hadn’t painted before.  The purple tulip grabs your attention and then the other flowers lead you around the painting.   I feel the painting tells a story of happiness and that is my wish in how it makes you feel.  Enjoy!