pausing for life

I wanted to show the progression of this painting.  It started off looking like the photo clear to the left and then to the right and then to the right again Some times we have to let go of a painting we think is finished when there is still something about it  irritating us. In this case it was the vase. I feel  like I made it better.  What do you think?  I am learning to live with a painting for days if not weeks to see how I feel about it . That way I can come back to it with fresh eyes.  I usually discover that what I thought was finished isn’t. In a world that has us rushing about  we should pause from time to time, even if we have to force ourselves.   Why??  If we rush to quickly through life we miss the clues to the lessons we need to learn, and each time we miss them the clues get harder and harder. Soon we are left with disquiet in our souls. fire 16x20fire4fire (6)


crossroads (5)As you know I mostly do abstract florals.  One day I wanted to try something way out of my comfort zone. This painting is what happened. Myself, I’m not sure if I like it or not, but I had fun doing this.  It was a way to turn off the logical side of my brain and let the lines, shapes and blending of color take over. Later I was able to focus with fresh eyes on a floral I had been working on. I think not just in painting but in all parts of our lives we need to get out of our comfort zones.  It will help you grow as a person.  What you find may be something  you like or something  you don’t like, either way you have learned more about yourself, the world and the others who live in it.

The Floral Gwen

gwen (2)My newest attempt at my Cottage Chic/Folk Art paintings.

I started off like normal but this painting wanted to go a different way.  So I followed along and the painting came out looking more like a pastel.  Totally different than my normal look.  Some artist know from the beginning to the end how their painting is going to go and that is a great way to paint.  I’m learning if I just let the painting talk to me I end up with an unexpected painting.  Sometimes I like the results and sometimes I don’t. Either the process of letting go gets me into a”creative” space.

lessons learned

My wonderful nephew has been helping me with my website/blog again. So we will see if everything goes where it isred tamale (4) suppose to go and does what it is suppose to do.  I have been painting what I call Cottage Chic/Folk Art the past few weeks. (when did it go from Shabby Chic to Cottage Chic??)  Anyway in the past the paintings were interesting with a lot of color and simple flowers.  This time I wanted drama, kind of bold in your face painting. That when you see it you can feel the energy. I feel I accomplished this.  I recommend painting a painting like this it gets you creativity going.

redo on painting

folk art or cottage chic painting of flowers with purple tulip

folk art or cottage chic painting of flowers with purple tulip

I decided the painting I posted before needed a bit of a touch up.  I add decoration to the bottom and accented the leaves and flowers.  I’m not sure if it improved the painting or not.  What do you think?  I have realized when you take a photo and capture it on the computer it shows where you need to adjust the painting.  Now I take the photo of the painting and examine it before I call it finished.

my folk art florals

happiness one

happiness one

I wanted to do a simple painting of a vase full of flowers. This painting was the result and the beginning of my journey. It is the kick off of a series of paintings that will follow later. When I finished the paintings I thought they had a flavor of folk art .  A style I hadn’t painted before.  The purple tulip grabs your attention and then the other flowers lead you around the painting.   I feel the painting tells a story of happiness and that is my wish in how it makes you feel.  Enjoy!