New Drawing

It is a new quarter and time for me to give- a- way another of my paintings.  it is the one shown here. it is a 11×14 acrylic that has a folk art look.  Just message me with your name and critique and I will add you to the drawing.  At the end of the month I will choose the winner and mail you out the painting.  Hope your enjoy the painting. 

flower basket

All of us are original, creative and have a talent.  Since there is no one else like us in the world everything we do and say is original.  Since God created us with His Creative Energy  we have that creative energy in ourselves. Each of us have a talent because we all have something to say .Most people think it is the ones in the arts who have the talents, this is not so.  A mother who makes the household run smoother or can stretch a dollar, the engineer who designs a new road, a control system,  or a wire to conduct electricity (I am not an engineer so don’t know have many ideas in that area)  the CPA who comes up with their own spread sheet, the therapist who connects with their client in a new way or the hair dresser who gives their client a new look.  Each and everyone of us has a talent so we can express  our creativity. I hope you can see yourself in a new light and find your talent.

another give-a-way

It is that time again, the beginning of a new quarter and so I am giving away another of my paintings. (the one a the bottom)   I like working with complements, thus the use of red and green.  Only this time I wanted to stretch those colors a bit and used pink and lime green.  I think this made for a very interesting painting.  The give-a-way will last towards the end of the month, April 28th. To enter just leave a critique and your name.  I will choose the name of the person and let the winner know at that time.   Let everyone you know about the painting.  

Follow your heart??

If you read my blogs you know I don’t always give advice.  Sometimes I just tell you what is going on in my creative journey. This time I I will tell you about my journey.  I started off wanting to paint realistically and what you see to the left is what happened.  No where near being realistic. (totally shocked me) People say follow your heart, follow what excites you, go with the flow.  Guess this painting proves my heart is really not into realism at this time. (or I guess not at the time of the painting.)Still I have a strong desire to paint what is real.  So which part of my heart should I listen too? I think I can hear in my mind telling myself “wait until you get in front of your easel and see what speaks to you.” I am wondering if there are other artist out there who have trouble knowing how to hear their heart talking. If so let me know and give me hints on how your deal with it.  As always happy painting.

Paint for yourself

red reaction (4)This was painted with loud music playing and me singing along  as loud as I could.  Thankfully I was alone because my singing is horrible. This painting is what happens when I am full of energy.  I feel the red is so vibrant you can almost feel your heart beating faster.  I have posted this painting on my Etsy site and it is not selling.  In the past that would of bothered me. (why is it not selling, what is wrong with it, am I a bad artist???  All of those questions would of been running thru my mind.)  Now I am learning I need to paint for myself.  This painting fulfilled my emotions at the time and that is what was important.  So it seems I am breaking thru my creative block with these new thoughts. Hurray!!! I hope all the blocked artist  out there can learn from my experience  that you have to paint for yourself and not do any judging.   If you are blocked check what your motivation is.  If  you don’t  love what you are seeing or dreaming in your mind you might find yourself stuck without knowing how to proceed.  Hope all you artist out there  are filled with joy.   Happy painting!!

Did give away a painting

I went one day longer with my give-floating irises6 away and someone won. Her name is Denise and since I could not find the original painting I posted. (The one in the upper left.)   I had  her choose one I had that was very similar to the one I couldn’t find.  It is the picture shown below. She seems very excited about it and I will be anxious to see how she likes it in person.  I have had so many people tell me, wow this looks so much better than the picture.  Think many artist have this same reaction.  Maybe it is because until you see the painting in person you can’t feel the emotion, the energy, that went into the painting.  Anyway congratulations Denise.

waving irises5 (2)

floating irises6since no one posted they wanted this painting I will not be giving it away.  I will have to try something new.  I am recovering from no one liking this painting.  A big hit to my self-esteem, so it will take some time before I put out a painting again.  At least I learned somewhat people don’t like so that helps.  Keep your eye out for another give-a-way as I am not sure when I will be having one again.  Any comments about this painting would be welcomed as to why you did not like it, don’t be afraid of hurting my feelings, cause obviously I did something wrong with this painting for no one to like it and I need to learn exactly what that is.  To all my artist friends have a great week of painting and to all my other friends hope your week is awesome, too.

Painting give-away

It’s that time again, for me to give-away one of my paintings.  It is the one featured to the leftfloating irises . The painting is  surrounded by color to  just give you a comparison to the purples in the painting.  The colors are rich and full of life. I used acrylics like a watercolor  to let them blend and then “found modern looking irises”.  What you need to do to enter the drawing is to give me a critique of the painting and your name.  Next Sunday I will announce the winner.  Make sure you give the critique and not just a ‘like’ or your name will not be entered. Go to my Facebook page: RKMJCreations. The critiques give me feedback on what is working in the painting. It’s one of the reasons I give away paintings (the feedback), the other is it just feels good to give a painting away.  It is a fun 11×14 piece of art.