flower basket

All of us are original, creative and have a talent.  Since there is no one else like us in the world everything we do and say is original.  Since God created us with His Creative Energy  we have that creative energy in ourselves. Each of us have a talent because we all have something to say .Most people think it is the ones in the arts who have the talents, this is not so.  A mother who makes the household run smoother or can stretch a dollar, the engineer who designs a new road, a control system,  or a wire to conduct electricity (I am not an engineer so don’t know have many ideas in that area)  the CPA who comes up with their own spread sheet, the therapist who connects with their client in a new way or the hair dresser who gives their client a new look.  Each and everyone of us has a talent so we can express  our creativity. I hope you can see yourself in a new light and find your talent.

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