Follow your heart??

If you read my blogs you know I don’t always give advice.  Sometimes I just tell you what is going on in my creative journey. This time I I will tell you about my journey.  I started off wanting to paint realistically and what you see to the left is what happened.  No where near being realistic. (totally shocked me) People say follow your heart, follow what excites you, go with the flow.  Guess this painting proves my heart is really not into realism at this time. (or I guess not at the time of the painting.)Still I have a strong desire to paint what is real.  So which part of my heart should I listen too? I think I can hear in my mind telling myself “wait until you get in front of your easel and see what speaks to you.” I am wondering if there are other artist out there who have trouble knowing how to hear their heart talking. If so let me know and give me hints on how your deal with it.  As always happy painting.

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