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red reaction (4)This was painted with loud music playing and me singing along  as loud as I could.  Thankfully I was alone because my singing is horrible. This painting is what happens when I am full of energy.  I feel the red is so vibrant you can almost feel your heart beating faster.  I have posted this painting on my Etsy site and it is not selling.  In the past that would of bothered me. (why is it not selling, what is wrong with it, am I a bad artist???  All of those questions would of been running thru my mind.)  Now I am learning I need to paint for myself.  This painting fulfilled my emotions at the time and that is what was important.  So it seems I am breaking thru my creative block with these new thoughts. Hurray!!! I hope all the blocked artist  out there can learn from my experience  that you have to paint for yourself and not do any judging.   If you are blocked check what your motivation is.  If  you don’t  love what you are seeing or dreaming in your mind you might find yourself stuck without knowing how to proceed.  Hope all you artist out there  are filled with joy.   Happy painting!!

6 thoughts on “Paint for yourself

  1. Kathy says:

    I love it!! It does have energy! I’m glad you’re back to painting!
    I find if I clean up my working space I get motivated!! Lol And find many works in progress that may get me back on track. Or off track sometimes!

    • admin says:

      There was a lot of emotion into the painting. Glad you could see it. Trouble is I don’t know at times what
      will make me happy. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Jan Dickerson says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog especially about painting what you feel and not “why hasnt it sold or is it good enough to sell”
    I find myself with such creativness somtimes a nd need to paint that I create a background with colours that are exploding in my head – then either I just leave or a picture will form and I carry on from there – not always saleable but enjoyed doing
    I belong to Painters inYou and get inspired with peoples work from there such talent !

    I have put my wesite inbut it is out of action at present

    • admin says:

      it was nice hearing from you. I love to hear from other painters. I enjoy belonging to Painters in You, too. There is so much talent there.

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