floating irises6since no one posted they wanted this painting I will not be giving it away.  I will have to try something new.  I am recovering from no one liking this painting.  A big hit to my self-esteem, so it will take some time before I put out a painting again.  At least I learned somewhat people don’t like so that helps.  Keep your eye out for another give-a-way as I am not sure when I will be having one again.  Any comments about this painting would be welcomed as to why you did not like it, don’t be afraid of hurting my feelings, cause obviously I did something wrong with this painting for no one to like it and I need to learn exactly what that is.  To all my artist friends have a great week of painting and to all my other friends hope your week is awesome, too.

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  1. Patti says:

    Rhonda.. I think everything u do is great… that’s what snow artist is it doesn’t matter what others think… and like me they might not oh ave seen your post them first time.. keep painting and do what you like… not what others like…

  2. Nancy Denkinger says:

    Rhonda I love this painting! I had no idea you were giving it away! There is nothing at all wrong with it!! I love the colors & the abstractness of it! Keep up the great work!! If I had known you were giving it away I would have said I’d take it in a heartbeat! Love you cousin!

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